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One Week With MoneyWell - Indy Investigates

Updated: Apr 29

Getting paid to play mobile games seems too good to be true right? I definitely thought so when the advert for MoneyWell - an app that offered just that - crossed my screen. However, I was bored, so I tried it out so you don't have to.

MoneyWell works by offering coins for playtime on selected mobile games. When you open the app you'll be given a selection of games to try out and the amount of coins you'll earn per minute playing each one.

The amount of coins you earn per game will always be highest when you've first installed. When your first play session ends the amount of coins you earn for further play is at least halved, and continues to drop with more playtime. They have also expanded the opportunities to taking surveys and accepting offers too but this is a gaming blog so let's focus on that.

The coins you earn can be exchanged for vouchers for a variety of retailers such as Amazon, Paypal and Starbucks. Payout amounts vary between retailers, but start at 50p and cap at £20.

I've been using the app for a week now and have just broken the £10 payout amount of coins. So what was it like?

Well, as you can imagine, getting to £10 was slow going. I have played numerous titles to get to this point and spent as much time as possible with games I wasn't interested in for those sweet, sweet coins. If you play a lot of mobile games anyway and are used to lots of ads, prompts to spent real money in game and frustration mechanics, this might be an easy way for you to earn a lil pocket money.

Professional curiosity helped me stick with games here too, comparing and contrasting the app's marketing and what the game actually offers. Freemium games are some of the biggest liars when it comes to advertising.

I cannot stress this enough though, if you are someone who can be easily lured into emptying their wallet for imaginary gems (no shade, I've been there too) I would maybe consider whether MoneyWell is going to be an effective use of your time. After all, there's no point to collecting coins if you're spending more than you're making to get them.

Cashing out was fairly painless. I chose to get my money to my PayPal account. It took about 24 hours to process and land in my account ready to spend. Easy as that. Definitely a better, more reliable way to make a little extra cash than surveys.

Fancy trying MoneyWell out for yourself? Here are some tips to get you off to the right start.


  • Check the app when there are special events going on, such as golden weekends. These will increase the amount of coins you get for checking out the games on offer.

  • Stick with games as long as you can in the first playthrough window to maximise coins.

  • Keep any games you enjoyed playing. You'll continue to earn coins as you play, albeit much, much slower.

  • Invite people to join you on MoneyWell, the bonus coins are worth it.


  • Spend any money on these games if you can help it.

  • Rely on this for any kind of income, gathering would take far too long to make a living out of it.

  • Sign into any games with Facebook if you're not planning on keeping them. The Zucc has enough data as it is.

Now go forth, my broke bitches, and earn them coins. Treat yo self.

Hiya! Did you enjoy this article? I maintain this website for free but I can always use some extra pennies to help keep the lights on. If you're feeling generous, I have a KoFi account and I always welcome donations. Love from Indy xxx

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