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Pick a Card - Tarot and Tech Witchery in Cyberpunk 2077

The Fool departs on her journey.

I was surprised to see the inclusion of tarot in Cyberpunk. In a place such as Night City spirituality seems very out of place in this monument to glass and chrome. The gods are everywhere however, and they are speaking to V through the medium of tarot.

Tarot cards even have their own mission – Fool on the Hill - where you travel around Night City searching for odd graffiti that depicts the major arcana. These pieces of graffiti appear in quest locations that are relevant to a certain character. For example, during Chippin In an image of the Hanged Man appears on a watertower where Johnny Silverhand is buried. The Empress appears outside the Afterlife, Rogue’s domain.

As a tech witch I do like this blend of ubiquitous tech with this kind of magic. For me, magic is woven into every spark of electricity, every piece of circuitry. Magic and tech are working together, not seperately. It’s not just the tarot cards either, the Haitian gang the Voodoo boys blend voodoo magic and technology. For example, they are seen to use holograms to depict veve markings. These are used in Haitian voduo to speak to their gods.

V’s implants allowed her to see these tarot card images in her world, one which you’d be forgiven for thinking was entirely soulless. Someone sent these images to V, someone who knew the journey she would face. If you collect them all, Misty can even provide a bit of foreshadowing about the ending choices, saying your fate lies in one of two cards. On one hand, the Devil. On the other, the Sun. The Devil is usually a sign that you’ve fucked up, made some bad choices. The Sun is more positive. If you’ve finished Cyberpunk you already know which choice is which, I won’t spoil it here.

Night City is a lonely and soulless place, but the gods can be found in all things. Something was looking out for V, cared enough to bring them a warning about the paths they can take. They try to nudge her in the right direction. It seems unlikely that these images appearing is a coincidence. Whether you put it down to a misfiring synapse or something more celestial, it is hard to deny that whatever is causing it seems to know V’s fate better than she does.

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