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So it's adult spot the difference? Indy plays The Street 10

Updated: Jan 24

The Street 10 hit the PlayStation store today. I had recently finished Dissection by the same studio and I was curious about what this game would be like. An empty Tokyo street is certainly a change from the Victorian Manor of Dissection.

The story, such as it is, is you are a person who is stuck on a never ending street. To escape you must find differences in the various iterations of the same street. If you find 10 you can escape into regular Tokyo. Mostly the story is conspicuous by its absence. I tried not to let that colour my judgement however, after all Lady In A Leotard With A Gun had zero story and it was still fun.

So, there's not much of a story. Let's look at the gameplay. As I said in the title, it does play like a game of spot the difference. Some of the differences are obvious , like the gentleman walking down the street suddenly having a bald head and red skin, to the more subtle differences. Ones so subtle I'm not convinced I've ever seen them, but the achievement popped and my handy lil counter added 1 to my anomaly list so I must have.

So I wouldn't say there's much gameplay either. Despite this lacklustre performance there is one thing that does intrigue me. The leaderboard.

For reasons best known to themselves they've chosen to implement a competitive leaderboard, exalting those who have found the most anomalies. This is, quite frankly, baffling. Who is out here competitively playing this game?! I played this in the late morning on launch day and people had already found hundreds. Why?!

Are we so desperate to prove our superiority that we'll spend hours running down the same tiny segment of game for no other reward than a 1. next to our name on a leaderboard? This game isn't difficult, it requires no skill or even luck. The only thing needed to succeed is an investment of your time. I feel like I'm going mad.

So randomspin, am I missing something here? Are you playing a prank on us all? Or have you released this game in earnest? I'm not sure which answer I'd hate more at this point. I am so tired.

So, yeah. Play it or don't. I don't know anymore. I played it and I'm left with so many questions and no small amount of rage. If that sounds like a good time go for your life. I'm going outside to touch some grass.

(Oh and if you stumbled here looking for information on the achievements being bugged, yes they are. Always make sure to leave from the exit nearest the anomaly counter and not the other end. Should fix it right up for you.)

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