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There's Something Going on in Green Hill - Sonic News Update

There has been a *lot* of Sonic news recently. With the sweeping voice cast changes, the upcoming Lego Ideas Sonic set and the Netflix series on the go, the little blue hedgehog looks like he is coming back with a vengeance, just in time for the series' 30th birthday. Let's dive in and see what's going on in Sonic's world.

Dr Eggman's (Otherwise known as Dr Robotnik you filthy casuals) voice actor Mike Pollock has been confirmed as one of the few voice actors that survived a shake up. Sonic and Amy Rose's actors have confirmed that they are no longer playing these characters. Pollock asked fans to avoid too much speculation about the change, citing the way voice acting careers work. It seems this has merely been a moving on, rather than a booting out.

This all seems to tie in rather nicely with the announcement of Netflix's Sonic series - Sonic Prime. This animated series will hit the streaming service in 2022, consisting of 24 episodes. Sonic will have to save a dark and mysterious multiverse in this latest addition so business as usual for the little blue hedgehog.

Lego have also decided to develop a Sonic themed Lego set. The initial images look fantastic and the large Robotnik figure is amazing. It is important to remember that this is just an illustration for now, but the fact there will be a set at all is great news. I know I'm definitely preordering when its development process concludes late this year.

That's not all either, as new games and a sequel to the Sonic the Hedgehog movie are also in development. After Sonic Mania and Sonic Forces were released for the series 25th birthday, I am keen to see what Team Sonic has in store for the big 30.

What do you want to see from Team Sonic? Does this franchise having it's 30th birthday make you feel old too? Will you be preordering the Sonic Lego? Tell me in the comments!

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