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To New Beginnings - I'm Expanding!

Updated: Apr 29

Awrite troops? To all of my regular readers - welcome back. To newcomers, welcome!

Feminist Fatale has been my journalism brand for many years undergoing many changes as I've gone along. My focus has always been on feminist, feminine video games journalism. This year, that's going to change.

Whereas my first love will always be games, I realised this year I have so much more to say about a great many topics. Limiting myself to just one topic was exactly that - limiting.

This year, expect a variety of pieces on a variety of subjects, as well as some new recurring article series. Look out for A Fat Girl's Guide To... and A Disabled Girl's Guide To... for useful and irreverent guides to avoiding disaster and making your daily life go a little bit smoother. All tips in these guides will have been personally tried and tested by myself, this ain't no 5 Minute Crafts!

I'll also be featuring some photography from my travels and events. I'm excited to bring you more varied content and I hope you're excited to read it. Look for the first pieces appearing next week.

Happy new year troops. Let's make it a good one.

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