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Weekly News Roundup - 22nd - 28th March 2021

Bloody hell it's nearly Easter. Hope you stocked up on creme eggs! If you have any spare, feel free to send them my way. Let's take a look at the gaming news this week. Strap in, this one is a long one!

Resident Evil's 25th Anniversary Bonanza

It's been a busy week for this franchise, with open beta access beginning for their new multiplayer offering Re:Verse which currently defies explaination, a reboot of the movie series - the first of which is titled Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City and everyone is (still) thirsty for Lady Dimestrcu from upcoming game Resident Evil Village. Including me. What? I'm only human...

Activision removes 'Ice Drake' skin from sale due to bugs

The new weapon skin that turns the Krig 6 into A MOTHERFUCKING ICE DRAGON has been pulled from Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops. The skin is bugged, failing to render completely or occasionally, not at all. Shame, it looks bitchin'. Hope they fix this soon.

Tekken 7 announced its next DLC character and... it's the Prime Minister of Poland?

Ok, not the real one, but the Tekken universe one. Still, it's a bit strange. Lidia Sobieska is the ass kicking PM who rose to power with a very literal show of strength when Tekken Forces rolled into the country. It is at this point that I realise I have no idea what Tekken's storyline is. They seem to be having fun though. She is currently available on all platforms.

Bioware release concept art for Dragon Age 4 location

Bioware have been keeping their cards very close to their chest with news about the next Dragon Age. This week they showed us concept art of the capital city of the Tevinter Imperium - Minrathous. Check it out below! I hope my dear Dorian is there to meet me when we arrive. No idea who the dude in the hat is yet though.

New Fallout 76 Roadmap: Locked and Loaded!

Bethesda have released the roadmap for free updates to 76 this year and it looks like it's going to be a good one! Locked and Loaded is first, which will allow you to assign builds with differing S.P.E.C.I.A.L. loadouts and switch them at will. Good news if, like me, you love melee for wandering but need a lil firepower for events and daily ops. Speaking of daily ops, these are going to have additional content added to them and it will soon be possible to have more than one C.A.M.P. For the rest of the year, check out the handy dandy graphic below!

Microsoft in talks to acquire Discord

Looks like someone's feeling a lil' grabby this year. Fresh off their acquisition of Bethesda, they are reportedly in talks with the popular gamers chat app to add them to their collection for a cool $10bn dollars. This does make sense though, especially with Zoom replacing Skype as the household name in video calls. There is another interested party, but it's rare that Microsoft doesn't get what it wants. It does get to the point though where you have to wonder who made monopoly legislation. Evidently, people who still wanted to benefit from the creation of monopolies. *stares in Disney*

(Is this a good time to mention the new and improved Feminist Fatale discord server? No? Well screw you, this is my article. Invite link here!)

Niantic to create Pikmin game

The people who brought us Pokémon Go and Wizards Unite don't show any signs of slowing down and have turned their attention to cult classic Pikmin. Although the game will have walking based activities, it will step away from the "gotta catch em all" gameplay of Pokémon Go. No release date yet, but preregistration is available with Nintendo.

Valve to host Steam Next event

Not one to be put off by E3's cancellation again this year, Valve are hosting their own event. This year it will take place on the 16th - 22nd of June. The event will feature developer livestreams and downloadable demos. Considering there are going to be very few events this year this will be a precious chance for developers to get their games out in the public eye.

Serious Sam 2 updated?

Yes you read that correctly! 15 years after its inital release, the game got a new update. This free update includes 12 new multiplayer maps, some new weapons and even some new abilities for our Sam. Steam has more details over here.

Xbox Party Chat no longer requires Gold

Enjoy chatting with friends while gaming? Well soon you will be able to do so even without a Gold membership. This change follows the news that Gold will no longer be required to play online free to play games like Fortnite. Good news for parents of Fortnite obsessed kids, I guess. This change will come into effect first for Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead insiders with a full public rollout happening later.

Soulstorm gets a physical edition and it is sexy

I must admit I thought Soulstorm would have a digital only release, but 2 weeks before its release two variants of a physical edition have appeared. A day one 'oddition' which features a copy of the game and an embossed steelbook, with a digital copy of the soundtrack and art book, and the collectors oddition, which has a host of collectables available with it. These include art prints, stickers and a rather sexy looking Abe statue. Preorders aren't available at time of writing but when I know, you'll know. I am definitely grabbing that sexy collectors oddition. These won't release until a few months after the digital release on the 6th of June but it looks worth the wait.

Crash 4 Releases on Battle.Net and Everything Is Terrible

Crash 4 is now available on PC! Yay! It's always-online! Boo! It's Activision my dudes, I don't know what we expected. Yet another shitshow.

Free Games

Playstation Days of Play freebies

In an effort to get us all to stay the fuck at home, Playstation are giving away ten games on the PS store. With titles such as Abzu, Subnautica and Ratchet and Clank up for grabs, it would be unwise to miss it! Head to the storefront to download.

Epic Games Weekly Offering

The Creature in the Well is this week's offering from Epic, clicky the image to head straight to it.

That's all for this week! Tune in next week for more news and free game updates!

Love from Indy xxx

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