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Weekly News Roundup - 29th March - 4th April

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you managed to eat your bodyweight in chocolate. Let's hop (heh) right into this week's news.

Cyberpunk patch 1.2 fixes everything AND the kitchen sink

Huge amounts of fixes are available in the new patch for the controversial game including nerfs for police spawn time, driving adjustments and at long last, reducing the amount of times Delamain calls you for the Epistrophy. More details available at the link, just clicky below.

Super Mario 3D All Stars meets its demise

As of the 1st of April Super Mario 3D All Stars will be removed from digital stores and physical copies will no longer be restocked. This game was a limited time release to celebrate Mario's 35th anniversary and included Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy. Might be worth grabbing a physical copy while you can! still had stock at time of writing.

The Stonks man is now in Fortnite

Yes this was released on the 1st of April. No it wasn't a joke. The world gets stranger with every turn. He's called Diamond Hanz and I feel his eyes burning into my soul.

PSP, Vita and PS3 stores to close for good

Sony has rung the bell and called for last orders on their older console games stores. That's progress for you, I guess. The stores will be closed on the 27th of August. If you have these older consoles best to grab any games you want now, as Sony say any purchases will still be able to be downloaded. A moment of silence for our fallen bretheren, and my most solemn F.

The Ever Given lives on in Flight Simulator

The infamous boat that blocked the Suez canal this week has been immortalised in flight sim maps thanks to modders. The ship apparently blocked 12% of all global trade and the internet had a lovely time making memes about it. 2021 just gets weirder.

Outriders faces launch connection issues

On it's launch last Thursday players reported that they were unable to log into the game after multiple attempts. Far from an auspicious start, but they did release it on April Fools day soo...

Resident Evil Village to have photo mode...

... And the internet has reacted predictably. I mean that's one way to get your audience on board. Prepare yourselves for Lady Dimesctru spam when it launches. Capcom are now advertising the game with lifesize standees of the 9"6 vampire so I'm pretty sure they knew exactly what they were doing.

Amnesia: Rebirth adds Adventure Mode in latest update

Following in the footsteps of SOMA and Layers of Fear 2, you can now experience the story of Rebirth without the spook. Areas that were previously very dark will be better lit. It also removes deadly encounters and sound and visual effects that would effect Tasi's - our protagonist's - mental state. There are also some bonus puzzles added. If I didn't have tokophobia I'd be tempted to give it a go.

Research links Loot Boxes and Problem Gambling

Researchers from the universities of Wolverhampton and Plymouth have found loot boxes are "structurally and psychologically akin to gambling". This is very worrying, particularly since a lot of people who buy these types of microtransaction are children. We are still awaiting the UK Govt doing something other than tutting loudly however.

Free Games

It's a new month, so new games are available to download with PS Plus and XBL memberships.

PS Plus

It's a good month to own a PS5 as you're getting the brand new game Soulstorm - the spiritual successor to Abe's Oddysee - for absolutely free this month. If you're a PS4 scrub still like myself we can access Days Gone and Zombie Army 4: Dead War. Access these games on your storefront from the 6th of April!

Xbox Gold

A lot of you are BIG MAD about the selection this month and to be honest... I get it. Available from the 1st of April you can download Vikings: Wolves of Asgard and Darkvoid. On the 16th Truck Racing Championship and Hard Corps: Uprising become available. Available on the Xbox store.

Epic Games Store

Adventures of the Neon Sea is your freebie for this week and it looks pretty lit, tbh. Murders! Crime solving! Gangster felines! Need I say more? Clicky the image below for the link.

That's all for this week! I'll catch you next time.

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