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Weekly News Roundup: 5th April - 11th April

Did you guys have snow too? What the hell was that about?! Luckily pixelated snow isn't as cold, so we're gonna head into video game land for the latest news this week.

Soulstorm launches but it's far from smooth

Oddworld Inhabitants spiritual successor to Abe's Oddysee released on Tuesday but has been beset by bugs. Some players were being frozen in place and others were being booted back to their homescreens. Ouch. The devs have worked hard to fix the bugs so don't write the game off just yet. If you can have faith in CDPR then you can throw an indie dev a bone.

**UPDATE** Game patched! Told you to have faith.

E3 this year to be a free online event

God I miss conventions. The Entertainment Software Association have announced that the free event will be streamed from the 12th to the 15th of July. Tune in for your usual cavalcade of trailers! Sony is conspicuously absent for the 3rd year in a row however...

Build A Bear released their Animal Crossing range this week

The eagerly awaited collab launched on the 6th of April with some fairly robust scalper deterrents. BaB operated a queueing system, with people in the waiting room being assigned places at random. I waited 2 hours in total to secure Isabelle for the princely sum of £39.50. Worth it though. Fans did express disappointment at the lack of characters available but you can't please everyone.

Capcom pulls Re:Verse beta offline after hours

After 7 hours the multiplayer beta for Re:Verse - a new game mode to be packaged with Resident Evil Village - has been taken down. Issues with matchmaking are the reason for this decision. The beta was supposed to run all weekend with players hoping the mode will be brought back before the scheduled end of the test.

Muslim advocacy group calls for ban of Six Days in Fallujah

This controversial game has been called an "arab murder simulator" by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Six Days in Fallujah tells the stories of marines fighting in the Second Battle of Fallujah. The game was supposed to include the viewpoints of Iraqui citizens who were there too but all the footage available so far heavily features US Army soldiers. This one feels like propaganda if I was honest. CAIR have asked Steam, Sony and Microsoft not to host the game.

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