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Cautiously Optimistic - LucasFilm resurrected, Ubisoft to make new Star Wars game

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Well 2021 has sent us another curveball in its infancy but this one might be a nice one. The LucasFilm Games brand is back! Now before you get excited, no, this doesn’t mean more Grim Fandango or Monkey Island. Mores the pity. However LucasFilm Games will be the new brand which all the Star Wars games will be collected under.

Not only that, but Ubisoft has been handed the next Star Wars game, ripped from EAs grasp at last. If you’ve been following that particular shit show however that will be no surprise to you. Battlefront 2 sank without trace upon launch and the House of Mouse were not about to put up with that. (Anyone else acutely aware of how terrible an idea it is that Disney have been allowed to buy up so much of the entertainment industry? Yeah, me too.)

I’m choosing to be hopeful about this development. Ubisoft, while having a catalogue of shitty behaviour in regards to how it treats its employees (sexual harrassment, crunch, generally being awful) is at least is slightly better with its attitude to microtransactions. Maybe the next Star Wars game will be mostly playable on purchase price!

It gives me hope for EA too, as dangerous as that is. Now they’re facing the consequences of being a shit tier publisher maybe things will start to improve in their flagship titles too. I for one am tired of paying to get the same features again in the Sims series, and the contents of branded stuff packs have been dreadful. Looking at you, MAC. (If you’re into makeup you may have also seen the terrible Sims themed MAC eyeshadow palette, which was an existing palette with the Sims branding stuck on it. A laughable shitshow. But I digress.)

Hope may be a dangerous thing to have in 2021, but maybe fans will get a game worth playing after so long. I'm withholding judgement until the latest offering at least has a few more details. Everyone is watching, Ubisoft. Do better.

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