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Could it be? GTA 6 rumoured to have female protagonist

A man and a woman stand in front of a car in a beach landscape.  There is a GTA Online logo in the bottom left corner.
A vision of the future?

The unthinkable may be happening. After years and countless requests, Rockstar may finally be ready to give us a female protagonist in a Grand Theft Auto game.Yes, rumours circulated this week about the fact that GTA 6 may include both a male and a female protagonist. What more can I say than about fucking time?

Don't celebrate too early though, as this is just one of many rumours circulating around this game's development. Multiple cities and more intelligent enemies are also rumoured thanks to some new patent applications by the developer.

Indulge me for a moment though. What would a female led GTA look like?

What would I want a female led GTA to look like? I hope that the game wouldn't change all that much. The strip clubs, horrid treatment of women in general, the whole kit and caboodle. I would then want this mystery female protagonist to then whip the city (or cities) into shape. Maybe they could run a strip club or two, show them how it's really done.

The worst thing Rockstar could do is by making a female character a non-combat character. I want this woman to fit into the narrative as it is, drugs and guns and violence. She would need to be just as deadly as her male predecessors. I'd want them to be a tough, taking no shit force of nature. Admired and feared but never underestimated.

While we're in fantasy land as well where Rockstar is not only reading my content but taking my suggestions, I'd love it if they weren't a "I'm not like other girls" person. Making them consciously feminine would be fantastic.

They also absolutely should not be a love interest, unless it's chosen by a player. It would be an extremely poor show if the first female protag was just there to be a side piece to the male character. They should have their own agency and their own goals.

Looking back on what I've written, I've realised what I truly want. I want another Saints Row. So there you go Rockstar. Wanna see how to implement a female protagonist? Do what Saints Row did. It's perfect. Their female boss was feminine and strong, their sexuality was fluid and they were unequivocably the person in charge. This is who the GTA female protag needs to be. I won't settle for anything less, and neither should you.

I hope this rumour turns out to be true. I hope Rockstar create a female character worthy of all the fans who have wished for this for so long. I hope that the gaming community will surprise me and not be quite as toxic as I fear they may be in the wake of this announcement. The "No girls allowed" sign on the treehouse has long rotted away, it's time to accept women have a place in these franchises.

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