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First Impressions - Indy plays Monster Hunter Rise

My first introduction to the Monster Hunter series was courtesy of my very enthusiastic friend who insisted I play Monster Hunter World. He was right. I had an absolute blast exploring the exotic locales and hunting and capturing the monsters. When Rise came out I knew I had to get it.

Monster Hunter Rise is the story of a brand new hunter who is taking on the weighty responsibility of protecting Kamura village from monsters. As soon as you are appointed however, Hinoa and Minoa - quest givers - bring the news that another Rampage is imminent. Nothing like being thrown in at the deep end I guess. Your character seems remarkably unphased by this though and you begin your work as a hunter in earnest.

First off, even using it handheld it is GORGEOUS. The graphics and design are just beautiful, Kamura looks like the quaintest little Japanese village and it's a joy to spend time there. The vibe is a lot more relaxed than World, but considering World started with a shipwreck this isn't surprising. It's gentle, and I love it for that. You know, despite the impending Rampage which threatens to destroy it.

Gameplay takes a familiar form. Your base is Kamura Village itself and this is where you upgrade, fuel up and gear up before missions, which take you out all over the place. From icy waters to sand swept plains there are many new places to scout out and catalogue, and many monsters to hunt. There's a huge focus on crafting to get useful items and improve your gear. After all, what else would you use the bits of monster that you lopped off for? My only regret is that you can't glamour armour to look like another set. I love the Bhanambra set but I am waaaaay past that being useful to me.

The unique thing about the Monster Hunter franchise is how customisable the weapons system is. Instead of being locked into a specific class, you can choose from any of the weapons provided. These range from your classic sword and board, a gunlance and even the more exotic bug glaive. No matter how you prefer to play, you'll find a style that will suit you. Feel free to experiment! You may flow with something you didn't expect.

There are a few new mechanics in Rise, the most prominent being the addition of canyne buddies palamutes, and the wirebug. The wirebug acts like a kind of grappling hook to get you to higher places. Palamutes join you on hunts with your palico and help you in battle. You can also ride them to chase down monsters. These additions complement gameplay nicely, and I'm glad they added some form of mount. It was painful at times in World just legging it.

Overall I'm really enjoying the game. Exploring the different maps and getting to know all the creatures of this world is very satisfying. I really enjoy foraging for crafting materials too, it's quite relaxing. The only issue I have with it right now is that I'm using my Switch as a handheld and I find the smaller screen quite cramped. It's especially noticeable when trying to use the minimap. I'm looking forward to trying it out docked when I get home. Also I miss the giant ass meals they used to prepare for you in World, as opposed to the dumplings you get in Rise, but that is a very minor complaint.

If you're looking for an introduction to the Monster Hunter universe, you will do well with Rise. It's a lot of fun and there is plenty to do. It's also on sale at the moment at Game for £40. (not affiliated. UNLESS...) Hope to see you in Kamura! For now though, there's a delicious plate of Bunny Dango calling my name.

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