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Fuck You, Joanne. Hogwarts Legacy to include trans inclusive character creation

I know I wasn't the only one who was quite frankly disgusted when JK Rowling came out against trans people. Hogwarts was my home as a child and to know that some of the people I love most wouldn't be considered welcome there... I couldn't bear it.

A year on I've mostly accepted the "death of the author". I can love Hogwarts and Harry Potter, but I will never share Joanne's hatred. I'm glad to see that the creators of Hogwarts Legacy are ignoring these views in the development of the game.

The game will provide a trans-inclusive experience for their character creation. Body type and voice options will be unlinked for greater customisation, and labelled as witch or wizard, which will also determine which dormitory you are placed in.

I'm glad to hear this. The community most hurt by Joanne's hateful spewing can return to Hogwarts after all, and as a truer reflection of themselves. The developers of the game are also fighting to include a trans character.

Hogwarts Legacy will also be set in the 1800s, far before the events of the main series and the Magical Beasts franchise. This allows the game to open a completely new chapter of the WIzarding World.

I should point out that buying this game will provide royalties to Joanne, but we do live in a capitalist hellscape, whatcha gonna do. It's at least less tainted by her views. I'm certainly not going to judge you. This may be the best way to return to Hogwarts, and I know I'll be picking up my wand again.

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