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May the best Drag Queen win! - Indy Plays RuPaul's Drag Race Superstar

Updated: Apr 29

Start your engines! RuPaul has entered the heavily saturated mobile games market with their offering - Superstar.

You create the next drag superstar choosing their skin tone, build, hair, chest and hips and then throw yourself into your very first fashion challenge. If you've played dress up games before like Dress Up Princess or Love Nikki Dress UP Queen you'll know the drill. Choose items of clothing according to their stats and then walk the runway. After you take down your first opponent, the game begins proper.

You could say I'm their... biggest competition.

Levels of this game are set up like Drag Race episodes. You have mini challenges and maxi challenges which are dress up game based, and the Idle phase takes place in the Werk room. You set up wig, make up and padding stations and recruit Pit Crew to help you automate production of Werk and make you more efficient. Standard idle procedure, but mixing it with the dress up game element makes this a whole lot fresher. It feels like there's a point to it, you're not just watching ads and waiting to get to the next level to... wait some more. There are also fairly regular events which take a similar format where you can win exclusive fashion pieces.

Good luck, and don't fuck it up.

The Werk room phase also helps you get new clothing - completing objectives can earn you RuDollas. These can be used to buy fashion pieces to compete in challenges with. If you're anything like me though you buy stuff because it's pretty and then worry about stats. There's an upgrade mechanic too, purchase more than one copy of an item and combine them to make something even more extra.

This game surprised me. I installed it on a whim and on paper I should hate it but there's a lot that's charming about it. Fan favourite characters like Little Miss Poundcake make an appearance as profit multipliers and the fashion is as crazy and creative as you'd expect from Drag Race. I was also pleasantly surprised by the ability to be a larger person in the customisation options and the option of having an FtM post op chest. These are excellent pieces of inclusion that you don't see often enough.

Good for you, Superstar.

However, the toothpick in the room has to be addressed, and that is how unhealthily thin the skinny model type looks. Even RuPaul looks like he could do with a good meal. I am aware that people can naturally be that thin but it looks like they're underfed. I worry about what kind of example this is setting.

Have a pie love, you'll feel better.

As with all mobile games, there is an element of pay to win here. I don't find it too offputting, I'm currently high ranking in this week's event without paying any real money, but there has been some frustration expressed about having to pay to get anything good. I believe this is in particular reference to some fashion pieces which can cost thousands of RuDollas, taking a while to save up. I don't particularly mind that, but something to bear in mind should you decide to play.

If you're into mobile games and Drag Race you'll probably have a good time with this. I'm really enjoying my time with it and if you enjoy dress up games you will too. I'll see you on the runway!

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